why eduglean?


  • (origin) late Middle English – from Latin educere ‘lead out,’ from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + ducere ‘to lead’
  • an obvious play on the word Education


    • to extract (information) from various sources
  • to collect gradually and bit by bit
  • (historical) to gather leftover grain or other produce after a harvest
  • thesaurus: obtain, get, take, draw, derive, extract, cull, garner, gather, learn, find out

eduglean:  the sharing of things learned in the sphere of life – specifically Christian education.

Welcome here!  I am honoured you decided to click-in.  I encourage you to read that this site is all about and, if you feel so inclined, to check out a few blog posts.

Here are some motivations for starting up eduglean:

...ahhh the mobile office...

  1. “Everything I have learned, I have learned from someone else.”  I have very few original ideas.  I am a learner – seeking, needing, growing.  I hope this space will facilitate more learning.  Here, I have replaced learning with gleaning… I have made it my goal as I meet people in any setting to try glean something from them.  Everyone has something to share with another…we just have to be open to it.
  2. People I respect in the digi-sphere are doing this.  I am gleaning from them.  I enjoy networking.  I am excited to learn what they are in to.  I hope to add my small voice to the discussion.
  3. My life is very busy…and I very easily find every reason not to think.  I purposefully desire this blog to force me to think, to produce, to articulate, and to collaborate.  Life is full of stuff that takes our time – many good things and many bad.  But really, does it take our time, or have we just made agreements with ourselves allowing ourselves to give time to certain things…?  I want to think.  This will help me think.
  4. I am a serious procrastinator (plug for a future post on ‘planning’).  Therefore, I do my best (only?) work when I am pressed/squeezed/stretched and feeling the ‘pinch’.  I’m really just adding another commitment into my workflow…so that I find a way to get this thinking space happening!

Eduglean is a goal – an attitude – a mental paradigm – a lens – an expectation – to bring into every situation I find myself in.  I really try to learn from every activity/conversation/event/moment, and seek tangibly to apply it to my life and experiences.  So, eduglean is my reflection/communication/articulation of what I am ever-learning.  It is also what I hope to share with you.  And, in turn, for eduglean to be what I dream it can be – relevant, helpful, engaging, collaborative, current, purposeful, meaningful – I invite you to engage & share here too.

Without a doubt, this is a work in progress.  Life-long-learning is a continual progress.  So, eduglean will continue to mold & change, to flex & grow, to reflect & sharpen.  But, please trust that this will only work to the fullest potential when you, yes you…the one reading…take the time to ponder, reflect, critique, and comment.  I encourage you to do so – we all thank you in advance.

Let the edugleaning begin!



3 thoughts on “why eduglean?

  1. thoughtsonallthings

    I love the new landing page. It’s almost like a mission statement for your blog. It lets us know where it is now and where you want it to go, which makes it feel like we’re on the journey with you. You also set up accountability to yourself and your readers right away, which is something not many people would do. Would it be helpful to break down the word eduglean or at least define the word glean? It might just be me, but I had to look it up. Looks great. Now all it needs is a few animated .gifs!

    1. eduglean Post author

      Thanks for the input & feedback here. I really appreciate it. Yes, a mission statement isn’t far off the mark…and there is no doubt that this is a journey…a humble one…full of learning from failure & self-reflection. Glean – what a great word picture – harvesting the leftover grain…little pieces of goodness left as a gift to the picker…
      So, what comes to your mind when you think of the verb: To Glean?

  2. eduglean Post author

    …The more I think about the verb To Glean, the more I think about learning, absorbing, and putting into practice what has been selected as ‘meaningful’…
    But, I also think gleaning is also all about attitude – about having an attitude of a learner. A gleaner’s attitude says that there is always more to learn, and the material will be found through others…


...I want to eduglean from you...

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