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…google chromebook trial: a student perspective…

As I mentioned in my previous Chromebook trial post, I wanted to get a student’s perspective.  I have spent time with the machine, but before we commit to the next three years with new hardware I think it wise to consult the users who will be producing on the item.

So, here is a guest post from Measha, a grade 11 student,who spent a week with the Chromebook:

My Chromebook Experience Continue reading


…google chromebook trial: rest of the week – things I loved…

Working on the Chromebook was far more pleasing and far more exciting than I thought it would be.  I mean, I suppose I originally ruled it out as being an inferior machine…and I supposed it was DOA because it was internet only.

Yet, I survived, though not sure if I thrived, in using it as my stand alone machine for one week.  The only production I did on my MBP was working with:

  • a Pages file because I already had a working template (no way around this)
  • excel because I had a number of schedules and planning documents that already existed (MBP because of time-deadline)
  • my household YNAB budget (paid software that runs on my personal computer)

I spent the second half of my trial week comparing the Chromebook to my iPad.   Continue reading

…google chromebook trial: days 3 & 4…

Taking this Chromebook (CB) home for the long weekend and hosting family I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to spend on the computer.  I last posted early Saturday morning and it is now late Sunday night.  This is the first I’ve had any computer open.  I’ve had my iPhone on me and all access has been done on it.  I have not even debated opening my MBP and each time I think of reaching for the iPad I am actually wanting to reach for this CB.

I’m actually wanting to spend time on the CB rather than on my iPad…

Yes, the iPad is great – fun to use, great screen and battery life, awesome UI…but really – how much of what I do on the iPad is app-based and how much is just surfing Safari?  Yup, I can do that all with this CB and my iPhone.  And for me, typing on the iPad just isn’t great.  [Yet, it does help keep my email replies short…] Continue reading

…google chromebook trial: day 2…

This week I am exploring my digital world through the lens of Google’s Chromebook.  Our school has brought in one machine to test for next year.  This may become our platform and/or device for our High School 1:1 program (Acer C710).  My only issue continues to be getting used to this keyboard.  The keys feel fine – I can type freely…but it’s the Shift and Return/Enter buttons that catch me.  They are small and one key farther to the outside of the keyboard than I am used to.

Like day 1, day 2 was very positive.  I did have to open my MBP and I will explain my reasoning below.

Thank-you @patrickhayden1 & @soccer_guy12 for your questions.  I will do my best to answer them shortly (not in this post).

Today I dealt more with the mechanics of how this Chromebook is working to store my data and how it handles new files.

This is where you find your Chrome Programs - like Apple, they call them Apps.

This is where you find your Chrome Programs – like Apple, they call them Apps.

Question: Where does this machine store files?  How does it handle attachments, photos, screenshots, etc.?   Continue reading

…google chromebook trial: day 1…

Well, day 1 is in the books with our IT department’s Google Chromebook.  My overarching thought from today is best said like this:  

I didn’t open my MacBook Pro.

Today’s tasks were cut a bit short because I taught 3 out of 4 blocks.  Yet, in my day, I enjoyed my time on this machine.  [Yes, I’m posting from the CB.]

Here is a photo of the start of my day: Continue reading