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…because I’m lazy…

In December, we had three overhead lights installed (of course professionally…are you kidding me???) in the ceiling in our kitchen.  For the past three weeks, the centre light has not worked – clearly burned out.

But, my 2.5yr old daughter does not understand why this middle light does not work.  She shows this (read innocently rubs it in my face) each time the lights go on.  She looks right at me, points at the light, and tells me the light is not working.  I tell her, “yes, I know, honey.  The light is burned out.”

Yes, Honey. The middle light doesn’t work.

But, she is relentless.  She does not stop at my simple, yet true, statement.  Of course she replies with, “why?”

It goes like this for three or four rounds…so on and so forth…and I usually succeed in changing the topic…

A few days ago she finally got to me…or, more likely I finally really listened to more than her question.  I finally gave her the two honest answers that I had ignored for weeks:

  1. I don’t know how to fix this broken light, and
  2. I am too lazy to drive to the store and get a new light…even though this would have only taken me 15 minutes…and would have cost nothing because it is still on warranty…

I’m not sure if it was the style of my new answer.  Or the tone.  Or the length.  Or the self-discriminating sarcasm.  But, she stopped asking.

I am a lazy person.  I like the path of least resistance.  I like sleeping in.  I like eating double-doubles and doughnuts.  I like audiobooks.  I like finding templates on the internet. I like ignoring emails.

Yet, perfectly juxtaposed to my laziness, I am offering this blog – almost as self-discipline…but more-so as an act of obedience to it being birthed in me 10 months ago at a conference – to have a digital voice – and to pay homage to those whom I have gleaned from.

I must type.  I must push myself to type.  I must push myself to share what I continue to glean from others.

So, as a re-cap, it is because I am lazy…I am writing because I am lazy…

“Eating ice-cream is easy.  Doing things that matter is hard.”  Seth Godin in Linchpin

Q: Why do you do hard things?