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…google chromebook: 7-day trial…

Hello blog.  Yes, it’s been a while.  And, with May being my busiest month of the school year (ending this year and planning for the next), I am forcing myself to reflect in a tangible way by typing and publishing my ongoing thoughts.

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Three years ago our campus school was the recipient of a pilot project to embark on a 1:1 program.  Our sister-school, Heritage Christian Online School provided us with 67 netbooks for our campus students in Grades 10-11-12.  Three years in, our machines have lasted longer than most of us thought they would.

Well, we have just received word that funding is present for new machines next year.  What a blessing!

The question is this – what machines will we go with for the next three years?

Quick options include:

  • Netbooks again…but they aren’t making these machines any more…and if we go this route the machines would be two years old out of the box…and it’s dead tech…and they will require large amounts of IT…and the 10′ screen is just so small… Continue reading