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Humanities 10 - Blended Learning

Monday, March 4th, Mr. Mark Daley lectured on campus while online students followed live with illuminate. Mr. Vanee and Mr. Laird and Mr. Daley tri-teach this year’s Blended Humanities 10 class. It was great for our campus students to put a physical face to a virtual voice. Humanities 10 is the thematic blend of English, Socials, and Bible.


…collaboration in action…

On one hand this has been a very exciting week and a half; on the other, it has been terrible.  Why the discrepancy?  My answer hinges on the idea of strength or the lack-thereof; hinges on pride & on the things I take for granted; hinges on a new take on powerful words from 2 Corinthians 12:9-10,

‘My grace is sufficient for you, for [M]y power is made perfect in weakness.’ … For when I am weak, then I am strong.

It all started with me getting the flu.  Bad.  I got it bad.  My oldest daughter has a rough cough now and my wife had this flu a few weeks ago – it was nasty.  But now it was my turn.  This is certainly the ‘terrible’ part of this week.  Due to my illness I had to cancel two Pro-D sessions I was supposed to deliver, I couldn’t attend my own staff Pro-D day, and I’ve had to spend the last 6 school days away from school.  So, clearly, in my own strength I couldn’t do what I wanted and needed to do.

Yet, in the midst of these negatives, I have a new, real-life take on the Lord’s words to the Apostle Paul, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for [M]y power is made perfect in weakness’.  That is, I have actually had to finally give up and put aside the pride I held in my health and have needed to allow time and rest to strengthen me.  Also, because I haven’t been able to complete my responsibilities on my own, I’ve needed the help and support of others (see below).  I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t need to over control and over worry about my little areas of influence, nor do I need to hold them as tightly as I often do.  

What is more, when the Bible says, ‘For when I am weak, then I am strong‘, I’m really coming to hear the implied intention that weak refers to human terms and means and strong refers to Divine terms and means.  But, isn’t it just like God to blow our socks off when we are least expecting it?  In my human weakness during this time of the flu, God highlighted such a dream-team of people around me to help share the load, to bear one’s burden, to help-a-brother out, to ensure that the show must go on, to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  Okay, perhaps too many references there…but here are the people who I would really like to thank for their over-and-above service, help, and above all collaboration this past while.

Collaboration In Action

Thanks to Dave Shortreed (blog) and Tom Currie (blog) for their input into my session.  Their hands-on ideas are always a refreshing glimpse into what I’m missing.

Rather than having my Pro-D sessions cancelled, a good friend and fellow colleague, Richard Bitgood, offered to lead the first session.  As a keen GoogleDocs user, Richard was a natural and the session went well.  Christian Klaue, Principal of Maranatha Christian School in Williams Lake, BC, summed up the session fittingly:


On the school-front, a huge set of thanks and gratitude is needed to the following three individuals for covering my load in addition to their regular duties: Pat Hayden (blog), our Lead Teacher when I’m away; Matt Dorie, our Lead Middle School Teacher, and Steve Cox (blog) our long-standing Elementary Principal who is the managerial back-bone of our school.

My parents showed up with food on multiple occasions and also helped looked after the kids – always a huge help.

But, by far the most important collaborator, tirelessly shining day-in and day-out, is my better half, Christina.  She was out with this flu for 8 days in September and, now having gone through this also, I cannot fathom how she did so while caring for our two kids.

All these people have played a collaborative role in my life in the past short while.  As I reflect on this post, I am reminded of the team-like aspects that life holds.  I am reminded that true community is relational.  I am reminded that I have been called and therefore must continue to strive to be a true team-collaborator – looking to serve where needs present themselves.

For Discussion:

When was the last time someone ‘picked you up’?  Or unexpectedly went beyond the call of duty or expectation?  How did that make you feel?  How do you feel about the idea of, ‘paying it forward’?  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to edugleaning from you!

…ACSI Oct 5th – GoogleDocs 202…

I do apologize for being away with the Flu today.  Please know I would love to connect with you for follow-up, or to hear how you are using Google Drive in your unique situation.  I will be on Twitter during session A from 10:30 – 11:30 and during session B from 1:10 – 2:10.  Please use the Twitter Hashtag #acsigd and you can communicate directly by mentioning me @paulkellybc.


  • The main goal of this hands-on session is to glean from one another with respect to GoogleDocs.  This is a “Show & Tell” session – I mean, we have the resources of everyone in the room – so, like a great potluck get-together, what did you bring to share?
  • If you’ve only just started with Google Drive, then I suggest you spend time here watching Google’s YouTube videos:  http://bit.ly/UHM6Nz
  • Another idea is to sit with someone who has been using GoogleDocs for a while – ask to see how/why they use this tool.

Sharing & Privacy 

To get the party started, here are a few GoogleDocs that I have used in the past while.  I chose to use GoogleDocs over Dropbox because all of these files needed to be editable in live-time.

*NOTE – in order to share Google Drive files so others can view or edit, you must change the privacy setting through the ‘Share’ button in the top right-hand side of your page.

Then you will be given these options depending on how ‘open’ you want the file.  My suggestion is that if you are only ‘sharing’ for view purposes only, then chose the  “anyone with the link” option and also give them “view only” access. 






A Selection of GoogleDocs:

  •  HCS Netbook Repair (Spreadsheet):  http://bit.ly/RhdJfZ
    • This is a powerful document because when the IT department, the financial office, and myself need to be discussing this file we all need to be ‘touching’ it.  I mean, we all need to be able to edit it.
  • Conference Seating Chart (Spreadsheet):  http://bit.ly/SwybOA
    • This one is kinda’ cheesy, but it was very helpful and fun.  It started with just a few of us wanting to know people’s names in the lunch line or for follow-up discussion.  We tweeted the link and then lots of people jumped in to help with spelling, linking, etc.
  • HCS Calculus 12 (Spreadsheet):  http://bit.ly/SMTQMW
    • This was truly an experiment in the making.  Last year I was teaching this on campus using the amazing Online Calc12 course and I was having a hard time checking in with kids to make sure they were staying caught up.  So, this was a quick check-in way to at a glance see where everyone was at.
    • It was a bit bumpy at first – the kids who had Gmail accounts were all good – but the others needed to make accounts.
  • Gathering Information (Form):  http://bit.ly/NBe1LQ
    • Have you ever needed to get a quick bunch of info?  How often have you had students write it on a piece of paper…then you have to collate it all together?  Well, check this one out that I used to quickly get a class list of student emails.
    • Yes, this sends directly to a spreadsheet where you can cut and paste etc.
  • Organic Networking (Document):  http://bit.ly/_xned
    • This happened to be a Document with a table because I didn’t really know how to use the Spreadsheet aspects yet.  But, I like how it has turned out.  It is an open, editable, GoogleDoc that you can access via link only.
    • Please feel free to add you info regarding your Blog, Twitter, Book and App recommendations.
  • General High School Parent Survey (Form):  http://bit.ly/RFiiCJ
    • I’m not sure if I should admit this, but this survey was created in three minutes.  Now, given more time perhaps I would have had a few better questions.  On the other hand…I just wanted to produce something…just to see what would come back.
    • The results were very interesting – some very general; others very, very, very specific.
    • If anything, it was good food for thought for our Admin team and our staff…
  • Two other very common uses for me:
    • i) My secretary and I have a few docs on the go all the time.  It’s like our office ‘to-do’ list and included files at once.  Sometimes I’ll start a file and get it going and she will finish it; other times she will put in the nuts and bolts and I will come with the finer details at the end.  Either way, often we are both accessing and altering the files as they are nearing completion.
    • ii) Staff meetings – our High School staff come to meetings with their laptops open to our shared GoogleDoc Spreadsheet.  They can add any agenda items or make comments, raise concerns, ask questions well in advance, or right as the meeting is starting.  As we go through the meeting, we are all on the same page with the ‘minutes’ that are created because we are all contributing to the discussion (and someone in the group is usually recording this in the Spreadsheet!).

Your Turn:

  • I’ve yet to do anything with the Drawing or Presentation Docs.  Have you?
  • I encourage you to post and share a copy of one of your GoogleDocs in the comment section below.  Be sure to click the “Share” button and change the privacy to “Anyone with the Link” so we can see your file.  Thanks in advance for letting us all glean from you 😉