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Deep Listening – Your Next Christmas Gift?

I originally typed this for our Heritage December newsletter, and posted it on our Learning Commons blog. The more I consider dialogue, the more I’m forced to admit my inability to master the art of conversation. Questions are such a key – good questions that open meaning. May this post find you with someone to ‘ask’ this Christmas.

I enjoy spending time in our campus high school classes.  I swing through as often as I can.  At first, students look at me like, “Ok, who is in trouble?”  But,

I am rarely there for discipline.  I am there for encouragement and support.

I enjoy knowing what is happening in classrooms from the perspective of our students and from the perspective of our staff.

I love seeing how Mr. Goodman brings out a student’s inner-artist; how Miss. Maxwell prepares her grade 8s for the Medieval Feast; how Mr. Dorie runs a class discussion; how Mr. Hayden pushes his students to consider the example of Daniel – a scholar dedicated to God, profound in knowledge among his culture.  I could go on for all our staff – highlighting the meaningful skills and attributes they bring to our Heritage team.

But I would like to take time now to highlight an…

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