Blogs and Connected Educators

The more I reflect on my role in my school, the more I learn there is more to learn.
In the past 4 years I have made an intentional effort to glean from – via blogs and twitter – educators and administrators who offer ideas, successes, and failures.
This is the first ‘re-blog’ I have done on eduglean. I have read Tom’s posts for a long time and his words here are concise and composed. His argument for educators blogging is right on. So, Tom, thank-you for your post – I appreciate your thoughts.

My Island View

A Weblog, or a Blog, as it has become to be known, is a form of writing that entered the scene with the advent of the Internet and personal publishing. It could be described as a digital magazine feature article or a digital news article depending on the content. What makes it unique however is that it is personally published without needing permission from anyone except the author. The author becomes the publisher and determines what will be posted, which is the digital term for being published. The authors of blogs are Bloggers.

Now that we have established what a blog is, what does any of this have to do with Connected Educators? Blogs are having a profound effect on Journalism most specifically, and other industries in general. Blogs are becoming more than just a tool for information. By being able to comment in real-time about a post, the readers…

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