…chromebook roll-out: a snapshot…

Today we rolled out our Chromebooks.  Students were very excited to get their hands on the new machines.  Many students were surprised by how ‘nice/small/shiny/cute/light’ they were…  Kids were in awe to be getting a new machine.  It was a special moment being able to provide something they were really thankful for.

I heard many comments about these CBs being the perfect size.  They have 11.6 inch screens but the best part is how thin and light they are.  And, being 16GB of flash they open & respond almost instantly.  Anyways, I’ve snapped two quick photos so you can see it as compared to my 15′ MBP.

CB on a Mac          CB beside a Mac

As kids activated the machines by log-in to the machine, many asked questions like ‘how to change the background or passwords’, and ‘can I merge my existing Google account?’  Today I decided I would bite my lip and try not solve/answer their question/problem immediately.  Instead, I just replied with simple statements like, “You’ll figure it out…”, and “have fun with that”.  Also, I used the classic, “Hmm, what a great question…let me know when you work it out.”  Our high school secretary was cracking grins as she heard me interacting with the kids.

But, as the day went on these were the bumps that turned up:

  1. “My .docx downloaded, but it won’t open.” – just learning how to display a non-editable file (.docx, etc) versus uploading and converting a file into an editable GoogleDoc…
  2. Students signing into Chrome with their school Google accounts on their personal laptops (not the CBs) should say “yes” to syncing all data – just learning why Chrome makes sense if/when using multiple machines for access…
  3. “Where are my files?”  – just learning how the OS works (downloads folder and a GoogleDrive folder)…
  4. “Umm, I can’t download any Apps…” – just learning the user settings of the machine…

These were great questions/statements to hear today.  I am quite eager to see where we find ourselves on Monday…


2 thoughts on “…chromebook roll-out: a snapshot…

  1. Steve Cox

    I was able to share in the excitement! I like the fact that you can work on your chrome drive without having to view the mobile versions (better than a tablet). Because I use a hotmail account with my google drive, I am able to skype.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hello Steve – thanks for your comment. I trust you are enjoying your CB! Perhaps this will open a gap for our Grade 6-9 students to enter a 1:1 environment.
      Quick question – can you please clarify: Are you using Skype on the Chromebook, or are you using Drive via your hotmail address on your full PC? My understanding is that there is no Skype for the CBs. I’m very interested in your explorations! Paul


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