…google chromebook trial: a student perspective…

As I mentioned in my previous Chromebook trial post, I wanted to get a student’s perspective.  I have spent time with the machine, but before we commit to the next three years with new hardware I think it wise to consult the users who will be producing on the item.

So, here is a guest post from Measha, a grade 11 student,who spent a week with the Chromebook:

My Chromebook Experience

 Receiving the Netbook from the school at the start of the school year is very new for me because I’ve never had that before; so I was happy with the Netbook even with its slowness and flaws.  Receiving the Chromebook for a week made me even happier.  It’s bigger, newer, and faster than the Netbook which made the experience more fun.  There were things that I did like about the Chromebook and there were things that I didn’t like.


  • the very short boot up speed, it was up and ready in just a few seconds

  • the mass storage space

  • being able to share docs

  • the keyboard

  • scroll pad

  • the screen

  • and basically the Chromebook itself


  • I really disliked using the Presentation on it might just be a Google thing

  • using Tell Me More as it was a pain to use the headphones that didn’t have USB and I was two clicks aways from crying out of frustration

  • right-click as there is none

  • the right shift button

Besides using Tell Me More and the Presentation, I did enjoy using the Chromebook frustrations and all.  I think that it would be good to replace the Netbooks with but we should have a tutorial session beforehand because it will make it much easier to handle.  All in all I am pro Chromebooks!

Thanks, Measha!  I appreciate you taking time to explore and learn this new device.  I agree – a tutorial session will be helpful.  Also, a student support network will be awesome also.  Perhaps you can help with that 😉


2 thoughts on “…google chromebook trial: a student perspective…

  1. goodbit

    Great to see the student’s perspective. Thanks Measha for sharing that!

    Looks like chromebooks might be the right balance of bang for your buck, with the performance needed!

    1. eduglean Post author

      Now that the CBs are here in the hands of staff and students we will really see what they can and cannot do. Trial runs are great, but only through daily use will ‘reality’ reveal itself. Thanks for your contribution, Richard. You will have a first hand slice as you teach our Grade 11s this year. Have fun!


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