…google chromebook trial: rest of the week – things I loved…

Working on the Chromebook was far more pleasing and far more exciting than I thought it would be.  I mean, I suppose I originally ruled it out as being an inferior machine…and I supposed it was DOA because it was internet only.

Yet, I survived, though not sure if I thrived, in using it as my stand alone machine for one week.  The only production I did on my MBP was working with:

  • a Pages file because I already had a working template (no way around this)
  • excel because I had a number of schedules and planning documents that already existed (MBP because of time-deadline)
  • my household YNAB budget (paid software that runs on my personal computer)

I spent the second half of my trial week comparing the Chromebook to my iPad.  Should our school chose to go with Chromebooks next year I really believe it would serve as a great on-the-go machine.  For my professional set-up, I am considering it as a wonderful third device.  Reasons for this are:

  • I loved having a dedicated keyboard
  • I loved having native access to GDrive
  • I loved having full access to Students Achieve – our web-based marking program (it just doesn’t work the way I need it to on my iPad as I cannot get .PDFs to open, and scrolling down does not work well)
  • I loved being able to use a mouse at my desk
  • I loved being able to cut and paste quickly
  • I loved being able to quickly jump between windows and tabs (much, much, much more quickly than on my iPad)
  • I loved having native Moodle access (rather than the web version of Moodle on the iPad)

But, one of the biggest pros for the iPad is how truly portable it is.  I just grab it and hold it and walk around with it.  I flip the cover over and am jotting stuff down or checking quick stuff so quickly.  No need to lift the screen-lid…just one button and I’m up and running…

This is the truest test of a third device – how portable and easy it is to use?  It must be more powerful (accessible and productive) than a smart phone.  It also must be more handy than lugging your laptop around with you on-the-go away from your work space.

End of the day, well, end of the week for me – spending a week with the Chromebook has left me excited to consider this for our 1:1 project in our school.  So far, all systems go!

For what it’s worth, students who will receive a Chromebook will access and produce material just fine…and students who have their own machines still have full access to Chrome and the entire Google suite.

Next step:  What is the student experience like?


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