…thoughts on king’s cross by tim keller…

This is not a book review.  This is simply a book recommendation.  This year I set a goal of reading 20 books.  Here is my list for accountability’s sake.

Tim Keller's take on the Gospel of Mark...

Tim Keller’s take on the Gospel of Mark…

I strongly recommend this book…

I’ve read three books by Tim Keller.  Each of them have been amazing.  His podcast is amazing.

King’s Cross is Keller’s walk through the Gospel of Mark.  It is a fresh take on the gospel account.  It was exactly what I needed – it was refreshingly ‘new’.

In my second year at Capernwray (a discipleship-based Bible school) I did an extensive research project on the Gospel of Mark.  I say this only so you understand that, in my mind, I felt I had a pretty good handle on Mark.  Boy, did Keller open my mind to my ignorance.

Simply put, this book drew so much meaning and application – revealed/opened/poured so many things I had missed.  It was not dry.  It was not ‘theological’.  It was not boring.  It was meaningful and it was insightful.  It was devotional.  Keller pushed me to consider Authority in a new way.  He pushed me to consider Lordship in a new way.  He pushed me to consider Calling in a new way.

In short, if you think you have a handle on the Gospels…then perhaps you will be as embarrassed as I was reading this book…embarrassed by my own ignorance.

This was a great book.

I strongly recommend this book…


3 thoughts on “…thoughts on king’s cross by tim keller…

  1. goodbit

    I have read (listened) to this book 3 times (yes I know… obsessive personality over here) and everytime as he describes Joni Eareckson Tada towards the end of the book, I well up with tears. The interesting thing, is as I read it the second and third time, this didn’t diminish but increased each time. I think we can never ponder too much, the person of Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing! I also wholeheartedly commend this book to anyone thinking about the biggest problem in the universe: The Jesus Problem.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. I’m pumped that you’ve read this 3 times! Every time I talk to you it seams you have either finished another Keller book or have reminded me how good his podcasts are. Thanks for always pushing me in my reading. The only book I’ve read three times is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Not a Christian book but filled with great insights that I think of often in my role as parent, teacher, and principal. I loved your Jesus Problem post. Keep up your great blog!

      1. goodbit

        Actually it was “Reason for God” I read 3 times (4 actually). Kings Cross was only twice. Memory wires crossed.

        Outliers is amazing. I don’t think I could have ever come around to accepting the doctrine of election/predestination if Gladwell didn’t prepare the way for me already.

        And isn’t that the evidence right there? ALL things work together for the good of the called. Past, present and future.

        Even my reading of Outliers, drawing me deeper into the word.

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