…google chromebook trial: days 3 & 4…

Taking this Chromebook (CB) home for the long weekend and hosting family I wasn’t sure how much time I was going to spend on the computer.  I last posted early Saturday morning and it is now late Sunday night.  This is the first I’ve had any computer open.  I’ve had my iPhone on me and all access has been done on it.  I have not even debated opening my MBP and each time I think of reaching for the iPad I am actually wanting to reach for this CB.

I’m actually wanting to spend time on the CB rather than on my iPad…

Yes, the iPad is great – fun to use, great screen and battery life, awesome UI…but really – how much of what I do on the iPad is app-based and how much is just surfing Safari?  Yup, I can do that all with this CB and my iPhone.  And for me, typing on the iPad just isn’t great.  [Yet, it does help keep my email replies short…]

So, I’ve opened this machine after having it sleep for 36 hours.  Battery life has drained from 100% to 70%.  Not bad because I know this machine isn’t known for having a great battery.

Battery percentage after 36 hours sleeping and wifi tethering from iPhone.

Battery percentage after 36 hours sleeping and wifi tethering from iPhone.

Also, one of my questions last post was to see if I could tether with my iPhone.  I’ve quickly accomplished this no problem.  A few quick clicks later and I’m up and running on wifi through my cell.  This is must for this machine because being online is vital.  Like many of us, when are we ever without our phones?  And, when are we ever without a strong cellular signal?  For me, the answer to both these questions is ‘very rarely’.  With the ease of this tethering, the scale continues to drop in favour of this CB.

Okay, fine…I’m still having trouble typing…but that’s my own fault…

One software issue I’ve run up against is for my personal budgeting program.  I have used You Need A Budget (YNAB) for almost three years now.  I is awesome and I highly recommend it.  They have a great blog, weekly podcasts, and a great forum and support.  The software runs on your Mac or PC and has mobile apps for all makes.  The apps are for entering receipts on-the-go and do not give access to editing budget lines etc.  This must be done in the full program.  So, for now, this cannot be done on this CB.

Shorter post this time.  You’re all welcome.  So, here are a few sites I’ve enjoyed the past few days that I’ve stumbled upon:


2 thoughts on “…google chromebook trial: days 3 & 4…

  1. Steve Cox (@soccer_guy12)

    This is an interesting journey you are on! I know that many people at the tech conference I was at recommended teachers play with a device for a year or more before expecting them to integrate them into their classes. Do you think you will do this for your teachers, or will you just unroll them next year if you find this a better alternative to netbooks?
    Would you say this device is closer to a computer with a different operating system, or closer to a tablet that utilizes apps?

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. Yes, it has been a journey with the CB. All-in-all, I’ve been more than impressed with the machine. I believe that starting fresh, I could use it for most of what I do in my current role. In fact, all things being equal, I believe I would do better on it than on an iPad. I mean, if I were to use each device as my primary device I would be miles ahead to use the CB.
      So, my quick answer is that because of the dedicated keyboard and ‘computer’ browser, this thing really feels like a computer. You know what’s nice – I just don’t even notice the operating system…it just works.
      With respect to playing/testing a device for a year or more before giving it to students, I think I’ve heard that same speaker. I remember him because I remember that specific statement; I also remember him because I felt the air suck out of the room when he said it. Although I agree and admit the wisdom behind that much prep time, in our face-paced, instant-access world I know I have moved forward with tech before the groundwork had been done. I believe this has led to staff not feeling confident in material, purpose, process, etc. So, I know that to move forward with any tech I need to make sure pro-d is there in advance.
      This being said, the CB continues to be our front-runner for next year.

      Thanks again for the comment.


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