…004 – days after the first easter – john 21…

For many of us, Easter brings many memories and family traditions.  Mine are full of ham, chocolate egg hunts, and having a special family breakfast with coloured eggs.

This year though, similarly at Christmas, my wife and I are realizing that we are now defining and instigating our traditions for our young family.

My wife has started that by baking Paska.  Here is a picture of her work.  Isn’t it great!

Easter Sweet Bread

Easter Sweet Bread

But, as I reflect on Easter I cannot help but think how ‘easy’ I have it.  I mean, I take Easter for granted…I take Jesus’ death and resurrection for granted…I take those first few days after the first Easter for granted.  John 21:1-14 helps me consider what it might have been like for those disciples days after that first Easter.

Download the audio from this chapel for your computer or mobile device, or listen below.

There are so many things that jump out at me in this account – more detail given in the audio.

  • Disciples must have been so confused…their master, the messiah, gone…(when was the last time life didn’t make sense for you?)
  • Professional fisherman caught nothing all night (when was the last time something totally backfired on you?)
  • Random guy from the beach suggests they try nets on opposite side of boat (how open are you to suggestions?)
  • Peter reminded of his own calling in Luke 5:1-11 (when was your last instance of Spiritual deja vu?)
  • Jesus on shore with a coal fire, bread, and already had fish (when all the disciples really needed was warmth, food, and reassurance that they are not alone) (when did Jesus last meet your needs?)
  • Jesus continues to wow the disciples (when were you last wowed by Jesus?)

This year, Easter wowed me.  Jesus wowed my heart with the simple reminder:

He rose from the dead.  He paid the price.  My sins are forgiven.  I am His.

Jesus, continue to wow me, please.



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