Humanities 10 - Blended Learning

Monday, March 4th, Mr. Mark Daley lectured on campus while online students followed live with illuminate. Mr. Vanee and Mr. Laird and Mr. Daley tri-teach this year’s Blended Humanities 10 class. It was great for our campus students to put a physical face to a virtual voice. Humanities 10 is the thematic blend of English, Socials, and Bible.


2 thoughts on “…humanities 10 – blended learning…

  1. patrick hayden

    Rarely do students have access to such amazing educators as Messrs. Vanee, Daley and Laird, let alone all three at the same time. Makes me wish I was in Grade 10 again!

  2. eduglean Post author

    Thanks, Pat. Yes, this was one of the main reasons we moved towards teaching Humanities 10 in this style. So much of this course in the interaction with the big ideas…but this connection can more readily happen when multiple communicators are involved. I am eager and open to our end of the year feedback on this program.
    It must be highlighted that Hum10 is much more than three separate courses taught by three separate teachers…and just put together. What makes this program’s topical-thematic approach so powerful is the collaboration, synergy, and scaffolding that arrises between curricula and educators and students. It is quite exciting.


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