…20 in ’12/’13…

Well, it has been a while.   First post of the year…this certainly is a combination of ‘less is more’ & ‘just ship’.

My main personal & professional goal for this year (August 2012 – July 2013) has been to read more.  I want to read 20 books this year.

This is my public reading list.

I am always curious what others are reading and am always adding new recommendations to my list.  I want to glean from what you have been reading.  So, if you are an educator, husband, father, Christian, learner, etc. I invite you to share a recommendation via comment here.


9 thoughts on “…20 in ’12/’13…

  1. goodbit

    For Christian non-fiction, I would recommend “Every Good Endeavour” by Tim Keller. A great overview of a Gospel-centered perspective of our work and vocation in the world!

      1. eduglean Post author

        Hi Joanne, and thanks for the book recommendation. I believe it was you who commented recently that there just aren’t that many Teacher books focussing on Christian Education. I will add this one to my list…and perhaps I can take a peek at it when you are finished with your copy? Thanks, Paul.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hello Richard – thanks for your recommendation. I’ve been chipping away the Keller’s that are recommended to me. The Prodigal God and The Meaning Of Marriage are complete; The King’s Cross is at home. But, I will add this one to my list. I know I love finding out which books you have read and which ones are on your list. It’s fun chatting with you about the ones we have both read. Here’s to many more chats! Paul

    1. eduglean Post author

      Thanks, Pippa. I will check it out. I do hear a lot of edu-chat regarding Finland, but haven’t read much for myself. Maybe this will be the start! Thanks again, Paul.

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