Often I am asked, or I ask myself, why teachers & administrators put in the long days during the final week of school.  Well, below are three quick reasons why it is all worth it.

  1. Hailey, giving her Grad 2012 Historian’s Speech
  2. Aaron, giving his Grad 2012 Valedictorian’s Speech, and
  3. Pastor Greg Bitgood, giving his Grad 2012 Superintendent’s Charge

What an evening.  A true celebration – a student showcase – for our Grade 8 to 11 students, followed by our Graduation 2012 Convocation & Awards Ceremony.

The following evening we packed the auditorium for our Graduation Banquet.  Yes, as a small school we have the privilege of recognizing each individual graduate.  Huge thanks to our MCs – Mr. David Laird & Mr. Justin Enns.  Also, wonderful addresses to our graduates from Mr. Patrick Hayden and Mr. Steve Smith.  It is a true honour working along-side you all.

Congratulations, Heritage Christian School Graduates of 2012.


2 thoughts on “…3 quick reasons I love graduation…

  1. Anonymous

    For me graduation at our small Christian school yesterday felt like: Here are my former students, graduating now. I will miss these guys. They have become part of my life.

  2. eduglean Post author

    Thank-you for your thoughts. It’s amazing what impact – both from teacher to student and from student to teacher – can take place through an educational experience that is so focussed on discipleship & relationship.


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