…pre-take-a-ways from #21stedu…part 1…

After having spent three awesome days at the Vancouver Symposium for 21st Century Christian Education, I know I need to put my thoughts & take-a-ways into digi-type before they fully evaporate.  (Click here for resources & videos from the past two year’s symposium.)

I cannot recall the last time I was with a group of educators as focussed and committed to Christian Education as this – humble wisdom, genuine experience, zealous passion, and innovative vision for the future.  It is because of the following layers why I describe this symposium as rich:

  • Christ:  It was so refreshing and renewing being able to invest so deeply in our Christ-centred vocations.
  • Content:  To reach this next generation I believe Christian Discipleship in a 21st Century context must embrace the infusion of keen, passionate and engaging role models with the current digital-currency our world is consuming.
  • Collaboration:  Again this year I have many new leaders to follow on Twitter and to glean from in blogs.  I have come away with many new colleagues & friends to follow-up with this next year.  Many of my conversations ended with, “To Be Continued…”.  Also, there were so many eduglean moments – peers helping peers, learners sharing with other learners, networkers growing their circles – as though everyone came to share a gift or encouragement or new idea.
At the same time, I also described this symposium as bitter-sweet.  I did so because the sweet is obvious for the reasons stated above.  The bitter part began creeping into my mind at the start of Day 3 and came full-force in the final 20 minutes of the symposium – for all our talk of a Manifesto (wiki), we didn’t make many tangible strides to look at that document during our three days.  It felt to me like an after-thought, like lip-service, like window-dressing.  I don’t mean to sound critical, although, one of the most powerful quotes I’ve heard on this topic was this:
“The only think that leads to improvement is strong critique.”
Please read my thoughts here (from a previous post) for a possible issue regarding the Manifesto project.
At the end of the day, it is my hope that great strides are taken this working-year on our growing-organic-wiki-document before we all meet together again next year.  I for one am very eager and excited to begin to help shape this idea.

Thank-you, Barend Blom (@blominator) and Pippa Davies (@pippadavies) for your symposium take-a-ways.  In my next few posts I will share my key take-a-ways from this Symposium for 21st Century Christian Education.


2 thoughts on “…pre-take-a-ways from #21stedu…part 1…

  1. Pippa Davies

    I agree Paul that the objectives of the manifesto should have come first. How that gets addressed is probably the responsibility of the greater group. We are called to hold each other accountable. Maybe we need to start sharing thoughts on that manifesto now, or raising questions? How do we as Christian educators spread professional development amongst our own staff? Are we sharing the importance of 21 century learning within Godly parameters to our whole community? Ha maybe we need some more feedback? As leaders we all need to be role modeling what it means to enter this 21 century authentically (the good and the bad). Personally I think that speaks loudest! Expecting our students to model 21 century habits when we don’t is not realistic. Now I have to practice what I preach:)

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hi Pippa, always appreciate your thoughts & comments here and elsewhere. I agree that we as leaders must model the actions we want to see in our students and community around us. Certainly the Gandhi quote comes to mind, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” But, in all seriousness, that’s the whole ball-game. With this open dialogue, wiki, and Manifesto, through the power of 21stedu tools, we can all be sharing the load of working on this NOW and throughout the year rather than waiting for next May.
      Perhaps a twitter meet-up, or a group Skype-chat…perhaps an exhaustive email thread, or an organic GoogleDoc…perhaps another pseudo-wiki for thoughts/ideas/suggestions without the pressure of it being on the official wiki?
      All it takes is time and effort and commitment and resolve and collaboration…no biggie 😉 (yeah whr-eye-tte…)


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