…growing thoughts on Day 3…

…quick update while I sit in the third of four sessions on day 3 at #21stedu …

There have been a few themes come up that I would like to reflect here:

  • The need to treat technology as a tool, not an idol
  • The need to maintain/build/fan relationships as THE key aspect driving #xned (Christian Education)
  • The need to articulate the 21st century skills needed: collaboration, communication, media literacy, critical thinking, etc…
  • Please add your thoughts in comments below…

Yet, I feel that as strong as the Tech content/discussion/utilization has been, I don’t feel like we have even scratched the surface of the Christian content.

I see and share the vision for a Manifesto for 21st Century Christian Education.  I want to be a part of this process.  But, I feel like we are still just talking about ‘how’ to do school and ‘how’ to do ‘tech’ in school.

What I want to begin discussing is how we articulate the Christian Outcomes that we want/need to see in our graduates of 2025.  On Monday Barend Blom shared that in terms of articulating Christian outcomes his Malaysian school specified their Mission & Vision statements.  At each level of leadership & teaching they used their statements to shape their thinking.

My take away from Barend’s session and really, during this whole conference, is what do I want the graduates of Heritage Christian School, and your schools as well, look like in 2025?  This is the filter I use to articulate/shape my thinking – ‘what is the goal?’

I wonder if this question has hindered the Christian dialogue aspect of a conference like this.  I wonder if it is the technology is what we share while the Christian perspective as educators/leaders from Christian schools is different/unique for each school represented here…

I wonder if the Manifesto might become a set of Questions or a Systems-Thinking document to help our individual schools work through what we need to do to most benefit the kids of 2025…

So, does your school have Spiritual outcomes?  If so, are the less/more important than your curricular ones?  If you have them, would you be so kind as to comment below with a link or info?

Our Heritage Spiritual outcomes can be found here.  But, as High School Principal, I need to work harder to articulate what I want to see in our Graduates, and begin shaping/working/tweaking our High School experience to make this happen.

…by God’s grace…for his glory…

(again, would love your thoughts here…)


7 thoughts on “…growing thoughts on Day 3…

    1. eduglean Post author

      Thank-you, Megan, for your thoughts and resource listed here. I am so humbled and thankful so see what other #xned schools are doing to help train their kids for the world that awaits them. Not fear of the future, not defence. Rather, offence – looking to engage their culture and to stand for Truth.
      Tx again, Paul.

  1. Steven Bergin

    I think it is critical that we create a learning experience that the 2025 graduates can relate to and understand. We owe it to them to adapt to their future instead of keeping them in our past. We need to be cautious of technology but we must not fear it because the 2025 grads certainly do not.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comments here. I echo your statement that we must create a learning experience that graduates of 2025 can relate to and understand. Teens are seeking relevance; they are looking for authentic experience; they are also very keen to create their own experience rather than go along with that of their predecessors. Educators/parents/leaders have never had such a difficult task: inviting & engaging teens to connect and be a part of things that matter beyond the ‘always on’ draw of our new digital society.
      You say we must be cautious of technology – what did you have in mind? What do you see as a negative or as a threat to our next generation?
      I love your idea of the need to adapt in order to be relevant. Imagine the next generation if we cannot accomplish this? What a mission field we have. I’m honored to share this journey & task with you. Thanks for the work you do at HCS. You are a valuable part of our team.

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