…#21stedu…year 2 of 3…

I drove in late last night with Steve Cox, my better half in the office at Heritage.  We chatted the whole drive – just us, the heavy rain, and two mobiles charging & blasting 3G most of the 4 hour trip. Driving late…but worth being here for year two of Symposium.

We were in bed well after 1a.m. – far too late for this Daddy of two young girls.  Yet, this a.m. I was up with gusto at 5:30…just waiting for the day…waiting for the next three days…waiting to update this resource – an organic GoogleDoc inviting this:

  1. A Christian Teacher Network – #XNED
  2. A Book List for #21stedu
  3. A Moblie App List for #21stedu

Gearing up for Symposium this past week and being up early this am makes me think of the goals I have for the next three days.  Having just finished a re-read of The 7 Habits, I am seeing Habits 1-2-3 (Be Proactive, Begin With The End in Mind, Put First Things First) in action daily.  Building these goals on the front-end will hopefully help see them come to realization on the back-end.

So, as I see them right now, here are a few goals for the next three weeks…that will continue to be worked out over the next year:

  1. To continue to network with fellow #xned teachers/admin/thinkers – in person, new people to follow on Twitter, and new blogs to begin following
  2. To glean as many new people, books, and apps on this GoogleDoc – my PLN for the next year
  3. Last but not least, to begin shaping my own answer to the question, “What is the role of the Christian School, and specifically, Heritage Christian School, in the lives of families & students in our community?”

What are your goals for #21stedu?

Edit at the end of Day 2: To quote Pippa Davies on the dialogue & info shared today, “My head hurts…in a good way!”


8 thoughts on “…#21stedu…year 2 of 3…

  1. Steve Cox

    Great goals, Paul. Thanks for sharing these with us. These goals will certainly help you to filter material to achieve well. Goal 1 comes naturally to you, so this shouldn’t too hard to accomplish. Goal 2 you will find easy to push as you network. Goal 3 is lofty indeed, but shared amongst those attending, we may be able to get a glimpse of our role in education where we are. Enjoy the conference, and don’t burn the candle at both ends for too many nights!

    1. eduglean Post author

      Thanks, Steve, for your comment. Yes, always good seeing/meeting people – I do enjoy that. What makes these 3 days so sweet is that we are all here for the same purpose with the same mandate. It excites me to network with people who are like minded. I do hope goal 2 takes shape…a growing resource of #xned people sharing their books & apps – I want to glean from these. Finally, the goal of articulating the role our school play is a daunting one. Christian schools have a beautiful opportunity to help train children in the way they will go. I want to ensure that I am a part of a school that takes this as preciously as possible.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Thanks, Rita! Be sure to check out the feeds at #21stedu for three days of awesome dialogue, seasoned with grace & humility. What a group of educators, mentors, and influence I am a part of right now. I am honoured that I get to be in the room. Wow.

  2. Pippa Davies

    Paul you are such a faithful and articulate blogger! Look to you to get those connections happening on Twitter at 21stedu. PS can we post the google doc on our learning commons website? Thx and see ya soon.

    1. eduglean Post author

      Hi, Pippa! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, absolutely post the doc anywhere you think it may be a resource to those in #xned. Here’s to the next two days! Paul

    1. eduglean Post author

      Just doing what I can to share and network with a great group of #xned educators. bit.ly/_xned is growing, and I am very keen to glean from what people have added.


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